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Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Princess Has Arrived

My tiny bundle I have carried since November has arrived. She is snuggled against me as I write this. She is so beautiful. Her arrival was something I will cherish for a lifetime. 

I wrote my last post while in labor and she was in my arms a few short hours later.

I do not like quiet I have to have something going on around me. Probably why I am not the biggest fan of nature and all that jazz. The TV noise didn't help. It annoyed me. Instead when I hit Stage 1 and Active Labor stage I turned on some music like the one above in the video and I called my friends. 

The water felt good but I had decided to change to chair and before Matthew had a chance to help me with the breathing I was pushing her out while standing up. My friends were hearing her birth and everything. I was amazed at how little pain I was in. I have always heard that laying on your back wasn't a good thing and now I completely agree. 

She was placed against me and Matthew came over there to look her and check on me as well. Her arrival was so peaceful. My niece thinks that fairies brought her. And perhaps they are right. I was talking to three fairies when I gave birth to Kate so just perhaps that is why. Plus I hear one of those fairies knows Tinker Bell personally, may one day she can help Kate believe in fairies. 

I know one of the gifts I have treasured was from Hunter herself. She gave me the files of Disney's Princess Lullabies and we have had it on repeat. Kate has been sung to, rock to, fed to, and held to these songs on repeat. It makes me feel like a princess myself. Hunter said it works amazingly with her tiny Luna and I see why now.

My tiny princess is in already loving books and fairytales. It makes me smile that us reading to her makes her content and stop crying. She just loves to stare at us. I blame Matthew and the three fairies for making this so magical, but I am not complaining. I love magical, sparkling memories. 

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